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The Curtis Oh What Fun - Holidays Your Way
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Choose Your Holiday Adventure!

Oh What Fun - Holidays Your Way

The CurtisOh What Fun - Holidays Your Way

Starting at just $25 per person, #StayHappy Holiday Adventures include: 

  • Holiday light tour – Guide to the 2020 “Parade” of Lights with a map and cocoa to go 
  • Christmas Carol-oke – holiday-themed karaoke
  • 12 “displays” of Christmas – Progressive Dinner with 12 different food displays for your sleigh
  • Stockings and Stogies – Cigar rolling
  • Tinsel & 'Tinis – glam girls party with holiday martinis
  • Wine or Whiskey tasting
  • Ornament or wreath decorating
  • Donation Station - Gift wrapping activity – Toys to be provided by guests
  • Reindeer Games – Christmas Olympics (kid and adult-friendly):   - Santa & Elf Laser Tag - Reindeer Relay - Backyard Dash(er) - Prancer Contest


Not ready to say goodnight? 

Starting at just $89 per guestroom, wrap up the year with extra holiday cheer & take part in our ultra-exclusive overnight holiday adventure!

Keep the party going with a guest floor takeover - book 18 or more rooms & enjoy the freedom of the whole floor!

For additional information & booking details, please contact: