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Ways to #StayHappy in The Mile-High City

Ways to #StayHappy in The Mile-High City

Austin may own the official “Keep It Weird” slogan, but Denver and its Wild West ways hardly needs the reminder. Curious travelers will find a near endless variety of quirky attractions and wonderfully weird things to do, but for locals, this is all just part of what it means to be a Denverite.
Fifty-Two 80's - A Totally Awesome Shop!

1874 S Broadway | 5 Miles
Step back in time to the era of leg warmers, Ghostbusters, and Atari videos games. Part museum, part antique store, this totally awesome shop is a treasure trove of 80’s pop culture items, collectibles, toys, and other nostalgic memorabilia. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you’re sure to come across an interesting find packed on one of the many hyper-colored shelves.
Act Out On-Stage at Denver Center for the Performing Arts

1101 13th St | 0.3 Mile
From improv on stage to acting on camera, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts offers some of the best adult educational experiences in the industry. There’s something for everyone, not just theater lovers. You can learn how to become a more confident speaker at the office, develop your playwrighting skills, and much more.
Explore the latest brochure for a complete list of offerings.
Little Man Ice Cream

2620 16th St. | 1.4 Miles
With a nod to the throw-back days of road-tripping, when roadside attractions appeared on creative billboard displays, Little Man Ice Cream is all about reliving this era of whimsical delights. Stop by and see for yourself. It’s located in a twenty-eight-foot-tall, 14,000 lb. ice cream can. You can’t miss it.
Denver Zine Library

2400 Curtis St | 1.2 Miles
If you’re looking for the latest New York Times Bestseller, you won’t find it here. Home to one of the largest zine collections in North America, this unusual library preserves and promotes DIY publishing culture. There are over 20,000 original works crammed on the shelves, and the stacks contain everything from personal narratives typed on old-school typewriters, to hand-drawn comics, instructional magazines, and more.
The Capitol's Mile High Marker(s)

200 E Colfax Ave | 1 Mile
Denver is nicknamed after its unique altitude above sea level, clocking in at 5,280 feet (one mile), but calculating where the exact mile high location is, as it turns out, has been no small feat. Three different steps leading up to the West entrance of the Colorado State Capitol building have been identified.

The 15th step is engraved with the words “One Mile Above Sea Level,” while a second mile high marker can be found on the 18th step. Then, in 2003, a third marker was installed on the 13th step. The cause of all this discrepancy lies in the method of measurement.

Whether we’ll see a fourth step rise to the occasion in the coming years remains to be seen, but despite the confusion, the Mile-High Marker is one of the most popular selfie spots in the city.
The Room of Lost Things

987 Santa Fe Dr | 1.2 Miles
This little shop of horrors is in the Art District of Santa Fe. The community is home to a colorful variety of storefront attractions, but none are quite as unusual as The Room of Lost Things. With everything from stuffed bats, skulls, and doll heads, to skeleton keys and vintage monkey toys, the place never fails to both please and revolt its visitors.
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison | 17 Miles
A visit to this naturally formed, acoustically perfect, world-famous outdoor concert venue is well-worth the trip. And you don’t have to wait for concert season. The Visitor Center features interactive displays that highlight the incredible geological history of Red Rocks, and there are miles of scenic hiking and biking trails to explore.
Denver Patio Ride

2301 Blake St | 1.2 Miles
Decidedly less grim than grave digging, Denver Patio Ride is a blend of biking, boozing, and sightseeing. Pedal powered party bikes accommodate up to 16 riders on tours in downtown Denver’s LoDo and RiNo districts.