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Designer Art Collection at The Curtis Hotel

Designer Art Collection at The Curtis Hotel

Discover An Incredible Art Collection

Get Inspired – Discover Our Dowtown Denver Art Collection

One of the Best Art Galleries in Denver is Right Inside the Hotel!

Named one of the 10 Best Art Hotels in the U.S. by USA Today, The Curtis is a vibrant destination for pop art in a city known for its outstanding art collections. Our downtown Denver hotel is home to an eclectic mix of artworks created by local Colorado and nationally renowned artists. We’ve partnered with primarily Denver-based artists to create unexpected, imaginative, humorous guest room/suite art that reflect each room’s unique theme.

We've collaborated with experts from Denver Pop Culture Con to the Colorado State University Library’s Archives and Special Collections department to round out our collection. The results include bunny-eared sumo wrestlers, Star Trek action figures blown up to larger-than-life proportions, parachuting chocolates, Cher Barbie dolls and classic arcade games. In the Rolling Stones and Kiss suites, you’ll even find historic rock and roll photography with Colorado ties.

From the vibrant graffiti art at The Corner Office to the eye-catching art installations found on each of our 13 themed floors, there is so much to discover here at The Curtis.

Art Collection Highlights

All Together Now, is a 42-foot high sculpture by nationally renowned artists Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt. Inspired by the Beatles song, the skyward reaching piece is a stack of steel 3-dimensional building blocks in a variety of vibrant colors spelling out “All Together Now.”

Visitors to the Curtis are greeted in the lobby by the Interactive video Installation by local artist Gary Emrich. The images change each item someone comes through the door and include nostalgic glimpses at items such as a spinning top and a whimsical Slinky.

The lobby also features a psychedelic work of Lite-Brite installation art by George Scheer. The abstract work, consisting of 2,304 translucent pieces arranged in an oversized Lite-Brite frame, and depicts colorful swirls that will make you want to re-create your own childhood masterpieces.

Don’t miss the “Wall of Jacks” located on the 2nd Floor of the Curtis Playground (our meeting space). These familiar faces can be found-where else?—right outside our “Jacks” meeting room! See if you can name all 7 Jacks.

Published NYC-based graffiti artist Dave “Cino” Villorente was commissioned for this one-of-a-kind installation covering the back wall of The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar’s “Oval Office.” Overlooking a space used for both private parties as well as casual dining, this mural captures and combines the spirit of Denver, The Corner Office, and the Curtis into one stunning montage.

Keep the inspiration going! Our downtown hotel is located near numerous Denver art galleries and institutions such as the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and the Clyfford Still Museum.