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The Curtis Choose Your Happy & Pick Your Own Adventure
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Choose Your Own Adventure at The Curtis Hotel

Choose Your Happy & Pick Your Own Adventure

The CurtisChoose Your Happy & Pick Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Happy & Your Own Adventure - only at, The Curtis Hotel!

For a limited time only, guests of The Curtis Hotel can take over an ENTIRE private guest floor - customized to their wildest - safely socially distanced, dreams!

Available Adventures Include:

  • Laser Tag
  • Game Night - Murder Mystery
  • Private Dinner Chefs Table
  • Silent Disco
  • Time to Jump Ship - Divorce Party 
  • Curtis Karaoke
  • Sleep Over Slumber Party (straight from your childhood dreams) 

Choose Your Own Adventure packages start at $2,000;  includes 12 guestrooms (double occupancy) available for up to 24 guests.

For additional information and booking details, please contact